It is important to remember, double glazing does not last forever.

A rough estimate is that if your double glazing is over 20 years old then it might not be working as efficiently in 2020 as when it was first installed!

It certainly won’t match the standards of today’s glazing products.

Is it time to replace your double glazing? We offer free estimates for all our installations.

In 2020,  you can certainly choose from an array of different glazing styles, from UPVC, Aluminium to Traditional. Varying colours and frame options are available to make sure you find the perfect windows to suit your home.

What energy rating should I be looking for?

The energy rating system that is managed by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC).

This is always displayed on the energy rating label of your window.

This confirms that its performance has been verified by the BFRC. Windows are rated between rating E (being the worst) and rating A++ (being the best).

Bear in mind, building regulations require all new windows to be at least C-rated.

Everything we install here at SG Glass and Glazing is top quality A++ rated.


Will my windows reduce outside noise?


Here in Norwich, especially in the City centre, one of the main advantages of decent glazing is the decrease in noise! Give Ben a call to discuss the best options to help sound proof your home.


Are my windows safe and secure?


You’re aware double glazing keeps the heat in, which means cheaper heating bills but it’s worthwhile remembering, whether you’re a homeowner, landlord or developer, double glazing is far harder to break than single glazing. Be security smart!

For your peace of mind this winter, feel free to give Ben a call for free advice.