SUPPLY & Installation of WindowS IN NORWICH & Norfolk

SG Glass and Glazing – Fitting windows in Norwich and Norfolk across two generations. We have a wide variety of window styles, perfect for any residential or commercial property. Services include complete property glazing to smaller extensions including City, Urban, Rural and Coastal renovations, restorations and quick window repairs. We make choosing the best windows in Norwich and Norfolk simple. Whether you’re looking to create more light, ventilate an additional room in your home or simply upgrade your existing windows and save money on rising energy bills, SG Glass and Glazing has a vast window selection, including UPVC, Aluminium, Tilt and turn, Casement, Bay Windows and Traditional/Wooden. Available in a large range of colours and styles as standard with custom windows available.

UPVC Windows


UPVC Windows

We only use the best UPVC products on the market. *A-rated energy efficient frames and glass fitted as standard.

Improving the appearance and energy performance of homes with our UPVC windows in Norwich and Norfolk.

This style offers excellent ventilation as well as increasing light into your property, making them a crucial feature of every home. 

UPVC windows contain internal beading making them virtually unbreakable and therefore some of the most secure windows on the market.

The windows can greatly complement your property due to the range of styles and are great for modern and traditional homes, allowing you to maintain the character of your home.

Our UPVC windows are high spec and require very low maintenance whilst remaining highly energy efficient.  

Opening a window in norwich UPVC white frame

SG Glass and Glazing can supply and install your new UPVC windows. They’re extremely durable and versatile, making them tough and resilient thus making them the perfect choice for a home improvement.

Aluminium Windows


Aluminium Windows

Aluminium windows are one of the most robust and durable double glazing options for your property.

Here at SG Glass and Glazing, we pride ourselves on the quality and performance of our stunning range of aluminium windows.

Our aluminium windows are the perfect mixture of design, security and thermal performance. Due to aluminium’s inherently strong nature it makes for an almost indestructible material thus making our windows weatherproof, perfect for the British weather, and they do not warp, rot or discolour which allows us to give you a 10 year guarantee.

Moreover, our aluminium windows help to regulate the temperature of your home and keep warm air trapped between the panes of glass which will allow you to spend less on your energy bills.

Aluminium windows are a great choice for sleek and modern styling. The brilliantly slim frame creates the maximum viewing area possible and on top of that, our aluminium windows can also be customised to reflect your tastes and projects.

Opening an Aluminium Windows in Norwich

They are also a great option for harder to reach places such as behind the kitchen sink, single-lever latches allow for single handed operation. Making them very easy to open and close.

If you’re considering new windows in Norwich and Norfolk, keep aluminium windows in mind.

Tilt & Turn Windows


Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows are designed to offer a practical solution to a typical problem. Space.

The tilt and turn operation allows the window to be opened from hinges at the bottom pane as well as from both sides. Great for an enhanced wide opening as well as being a great option for slight ventilation.

Tilt and turn windows are excellent if you value longevity with little upkeep. Thanks to their turn operation they can easily be cleaned from inside your home and the high quality and high functioning materials used to create the window ensures that it lasts for a long time.

Each tilt & turn window is fitted with high-quality double glazing as standard. This is an innovative system providing a host of benefits to your property such as trapping pockets of warm air to keep your property at the optimal temperature.

This heat would have escaped with single pane systems and older profiles. Furthermore, as you rely less on your heating, you can see a significant reduction in your energy bills. 

Tilt and Turn white open windows in Norwich

Not only will this save you money long-term, but it will have a positive impact on the planet. Reduce your harmful emissions and make a positive environmental impact. Ideal for busy households, our tilt & turn windows require very little upkeep.

Casement Windows


Casement Windows

Are you looking for a double glazed windows in Norwich or Norfolk that offers warmth, security and lower energy bills? Would you like your glazing to capture a modern look whilst requiring little maintenance?

Our casement windows are the ideal window for your family home. Casement windows are extremely low maintenance, making them a highly convenient option for your home especially for busy families or even people who want to add significant value to their home.

The  glass is easy to clean and the hinges that won’t need up-keep as casement windows will keep their brand new look for a long period of time. Unlike traditional timber frames, you won’t need to paint or varnish your casement windows and you can be sure your new casement windows won’t become a main priority in the maintenance of your home.

Overall they are a great option for harder to reach places such as behind the kitchen sink, single-lever latches allow for single handed operation. Making them very easy to open and close.

Window in Norwich open side of property looking over to sky

Looking to save money on your energy bills? Well casement windows are perfect at keeping the heat in your home inside, whilst helping reduce your heating bills.

Bay Windows


Bay Windows

Add character to your property in Norfolk with our bespoke bay windows. These windows create a very unique finish to any property, ensuring a wider, brighter living space. Bay windows have always been a highly popular option through the decades as these windows drastically improve space, increase light and allow for panoramic views.

SG Glass and Glazing bay windows are an excellent choice for adding value to your property. Not only will these windows add aesthetic value but they will help improve the levels of heat in your room by letting in vast amounts of natural light.

All of our A+ rated windows increase the heat insulation within your home. This will fundamentally lower your energy bills, helping you save money in the long-term. Additionally, you will reduce the harmful emissions produced by your household over time.

The  glass is easy to clean and the hinges that won’t need up-keep as casement windows will keep their brand new look for a long period of time.

Bay windows in Norwich looking out to Norfolk garden

Our bay windows are curated with security in mind, so you can be sure of your own safety and security.

If you’re interested in our bay windows, request a free no-obligation quote to discuss your window needs.

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