It’s no surprise you’re looking for ways to reduce your energy costs.

Did you know energy efficient windows offer significant savings on your energy bills?

With the ever rising energy bills due to supply and demand on the global wholesale market, us consumers have been hit hard!

You could be one of 22 million people waking up to a higher energy bill come 1 April, since the recent announcement that the energy price cap on certain deals is rising by 54% a year.

It is estimated that around 18-20% of the heat in your property is lost solely through the windows. This heat loss is caused by radiation through glazing, convection and conducted through the window frame.

If you are are looking to stay in your home or sell it, we would recommend not overlooking the glazing. You can view some of our recent work here in our portfolio. 

If you’ve been putting it off, now could be the right time. 

The key benefits of new windows in 2022.

  • Increase your property value.
  • Improve home security and safety.
  • Enhance your home comforts.
  • Reduce allergens and dust.
  • Reduce outside noise.
  • Ease of use.
  • Low-maintenance, easier to clean.

And of course, they improve energy efficiency!

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If you don’t have the finances to invest in new windows right now, here are some simple solutions that only cost a few pounds to reduce those bills: ‘10 ways to save money on your energy bills’.

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